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This workshop will take place in Tinley Park IL. No webinar is available to view this workshop as of yet.


The next Back Pain Recovery Workshop has not been scheduled as of yet.

There is no charge for the workshop.

The hidden underlying causes of chronic low back pain that almost every doctor misses…”
Medical doctors prescribe medication and injections…
Physical therapists do exercises…
Chiropractors do spinal manipulations..
Surgeons do surgery ….
These all may be somewhat effective therapies, HOWEVER, there may be one of the hidden causes and if they are not addressed they will not give you the long-term relief you seek.

I am presenting my Chronic Back Pain Recovery Workshop this Wednesday evening, September 2 at 6:30 pm.
During this one hour free workshop you will learn:
*Exactly what the hidden causes of back pain are and why most doctors don’t look for them.
*What testing needs to be done for an exact diagnosis
*What therapies can remove these hidden causes.
*What treatment would best help the condition once these 3 causes are discovered and removed
If you would like to attend this free informative workshop please call or text “YES-back pain” to 708-336-3392 for reservations.