Dr. Beyer Welcomes You to DiscPainTX.com

I’d like to welcome you to our website on chronic back and neck pain. The purpose of this website is to give you information on the true underlying causes of chronic neck and back pain and more importantly what you can do about it.

This information goes well beyond what you will hear from traditional medicine, physical therapy and Chiropractic. So if you are suffering and think you have “tried it all” I promise you that once you have watched my full length video explaining what really causes this chronic pain you will realize that you have other options.

In our clinic we approach chronic neck and back pain quite differently and much more thoroughly than most. I go into great detail on how we do this on my full length video but here is a brief synopsis:

  1. If you suffer from systemic inflammation you will never get the pain relief you desire until this is identified and addressed. Things like blood sugar problems, hidden infections and certain foods will cause your body (including your spine!) to be inflamed. Inflammation is like putting a blow torch on all your joints! You can take anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy or Chiropractic adjustments. This will offer temporary relief at best. We address underlying inflammation correctly.
  2. Your brain and specifically the CEREBELLUM in your brain control your reflexogenic postural muscles. You see we really have two sets of muscles that control our spine. Voluntary muscles (which are the ones we work at the gym or with a therapist) and non- voluntary muscles. These non-voluntary muscles are controlled by reflexes from a part of your brain called the cerebellum. In all of our chronic neck and back pain patients (and especially those with scoliosis) they have dysfunction in the cerebellum and have lost control if these reflexogenic/non voluntary muscles. I am a board eligible Chiropractic Neurologist with specific training on how to rehabilitate the cerebellum and truly improve postural tone in these muscles.
  3. Our spines are upright and not horizontal. We walk on two legs and not four. Therefore, our spines are constantly subject to the stresses of gravity. This is the reason why most spine and disc problems are compressive by nature. Our clinic utilizes state of the art spinal decompression.

In addition to the above we do practice traditional Chiropractic and therapy.

If you are suffering I encourage you to explore this website and its many testimonials of people, just like you, who thought they “tried it all” and found relief with our thorough approach.

Watch my full length video in its entirety and it may be your first step in getting your life back.